We are currently offering anĀ Introductory Package for new clients where we’ll craft a targeted social media campaign around your business that:

  • Promotes your brand in an authentic, engaging way
  • Attracts new customers and strengthens existing relationships
  • Grows yours audience organically
  • Showcases what makes your products/services unique
  • Models best practices for you to implement independently in the future

    A La Carte Services Include:

  • Strategy meetings and Q&As
  • Business and product photography
  • Creating content and targeted #hashtags for your Instagram and Facebook channels
  • Managing your social media channel(s)
  • Modeling
  • Producing advertising campaigns
  • Basic website management
  • Creating and maintaining a blog on your website
  • Promoting your business on and its accompanying channels
  • Promoting your business on and/or and their accompanying channels
  • Copy-writing product descriptions for your online store
  • Planning and hosting fashion and styling events
  • Serving on discussion panels